Mortgage Advisory Services for Operational and Compliance Priorities

Our laser focus and personal commitment to achieve success for our clients distinguishes OpExNow as a Consulting team that truly gets the job done.


Return to an efficient yet controlled operating model as the industry rebounds from a regulated overhaul of systems, staffing and processes – which has driven internal costs to service or originate to unsustainable levels.


OpExNow places only industry professionals with deep subject matter knowledge in each assignment. Industry best practices are at the core of our Consultancy Practice.
We deliver expert guidance to ensure sustainable, integrated results. Our leaders have each held senior roles at major financial institutions with a track record of proven results.
From Originations through Servicing, our teams can deliver robust CFPB compliance management systems, implement new operating systems and manage your QC programs.
And now, as the Industry enters a new chapter of competition and compliance, OpExNow is prepared to guide your business through its strategic roadmap - process transformation, system automation and human enrichment.


I just wanted to let you know Chari is amazing and I appreciate all the hard work from the Approval Team.

Katie Plezia, Stonegate Mortgage

Thank you for your candid assessment and feedback during our post-mortem the other day. I wanted to close the feedback loop and let you know how much I valued this engagement. I have never had to recruit, staff and train as rapidly as I have over the last 90 days and I would not have been able to accomplish that without OpExNow. The level of talent and capability you delivered were top notch and I really appreciate the nimbleness and flexibility demonstrated throughout the program.

Joe Cappell, SVP at Solutionstar

I had the pleasure of working alongside Margarita, a consultant with your firm. She is an excellent representative of the OpExNow brand. She is a change leader focused on delivering the highest quality of service. Her knowledge and understanding of the issues and her attention to detail throughout the project ensured our efforts were measurable and successful. I truly appreciate Margarita's collaborative spirit and her positive attitude and look forward to working with her again in the future.

Pehr Lawson, Manager at Ernst & Young

I wanted to take a minute to recognize Karen for her due diligence and support she give the IFR and our customers. You are a great example of the get it right culture of IFR.

Jerad Deskins, SVP at Bank of America

Terri Boyette has done an exceptional job for us. You have some great people in your organization.

Scott Loddeke, Nationstar Mortgage

I would like to thank you all during this time of associate appreciation for all of your hard work and commitment on the Project. Although extremely challenging, I couldn't have asked for a better team to tackle this endeavor.

Donovan Bowen, Bank of America

I just wanted to let you know Chari is amazing and I appreciate all the hard work from the Approval Team.

Katie Plezia, Stonegate Mortgage

I want to thank you for your engagement, expertise and professionalism. You really hit the ground running and have contributed excellent work products. From my perspective I am very happy with your results. I know this can be a difficult environment and this project in particular has been challenging, but your ability to be the liaison between the business and the project team has been a huge relief for me and the team.

Slade Woods, Vice President

I really appreciate the expertise and professionalism that each and every person on the team brought to the due diligence on this project! Truly a pleasure to work with the entire team.


Laura continually goes above and beyond. She referenced the lending guide and captured a defined process that she is confirming against what the new system enables. This kind of observation and attention to detail continues to WOW me! In the absence of testers, Laura has shouldered the task of 1) capturing the system procedures and 2) identifying and testing all the things we think can come up with brokers. This kind of observation from her allows me to be better prepared and credible in front of our clients, and I really appreciate her!

Lisa, Senior Training Facilitator

We have great news, we received our agency rating and we achieved our initial rating review goal. I wanted to thank you on behalf of the team for your work in getting us here. It was quite an effort but thanks to your partnership we achieved what we set out to do. Thank you again.

A top 20 Bank who utilized OpExNow to prepare for its initial Ratings Agency Review.