Key Services

Why OpExNow? First, our clients can count on OpExNow's expertise to identify operational obstacles or gaps that might impede flawless execution. Moreover, it means ROI is optimized because our clients' initiatives are not stalled by organizational blind spots that can sabotage a team unless discovered early on. We drill down through process layers to clear a path for smooth deployment. Our goal is to ensure that our clients' infrastructure can support and sustain the new modus operandi once our assignment is complete.

Our services can be engaged as capacity solutions, engagement-based contracting, interim staff augmentation or direct to perm placements. We partner with our clients to plan, design, build and deploy operational strategies to best leverage internal capital and vendor alternatives.

We promise predictable execution with speed to market – "operational excellence now!"

Strategy Definition

Today's executive charter often involves tackling multiple strategic initiatives with only the "start" and "finish" lines in view. Our clients count on OpExNow's depth of operational expertise to provide a realistic strategy for successful implementation.

  • Regulatory Directive Integration
  • Cost Reduction
  • Revenue Enhancement
  • Outsourcing Opportunity Identification and RFI/RFP services
  • Outsourcing Opportunity Identification
  • Organizational Reconfiguration
  • Customer Experience

Risk and Compliance Management

Compliance and risk are the name of the game. Investors want to see returns and regulators want to see response. With each passing day, risk intensifies. When guidelines change and organizations are required to enforce that change on a dime, every day counts. We are committed to anticipating, studying and responding to the shifting sands of compliance in order to deliver timely solutions and peace of mind to our clients.

  • Regulatory Compliance Management
  • Regulatory Audit Preparedness
  • Quality Control Plan
  • Quality Assurance Program
  • Risk Assessment Model
  • Third Party Reviews
  • Pre-Close and Post Close Reviews

Process Redesign

When change occurs whether regulatory, market, or internally driven, sometimes our clients find that current staffing, systems or processes are not updated to fully optimize their current state environment. OpExNow experts will analyze your business processes and procedures; actively observe your staff’s work flow including their system utilization and drive requirements for measurable improvements.

  • Process Mapping
  • Best Practices Gap Analysis
  • Process Improvement Management
    • Lean Six Sigma Discipline
    • Current State Assessment
    • Control Phase Validation
  • Policy and Procedure Documentation
  • Change Control Governance and Routines

Program and Project Management

Our results-driven approach begins with a clear understanding of our clients' goals, followed by a detailed assessment of current processes and gap analysis. The resulting recommendation is grounded in decades of senior-level industry experience and thought leadership. OpExNow applies Project Management Institute (PMI) methodologies to fit each client's unique business needs. We are committed to accurate project completion delivered on time and within budget.

  • Creating a Program Management Office
    • Model Design and Implementation
    • Governance Tools and Procedures
    • Prioritization and Oversight Development
    • Organizational Integration
  • Portfolio Resource Planning, Risk Mitigation and Staging Solutions
  • Project Success Criteria Methodology
    • Cost Benefit Analysis
  • Agile Methodology

System Integration & Deployment

Upgrading systems affects more than the IT department. We provide an upstream and downstream assessment of affected processes and procedures, while running alongside existing operations. The result is an in-depth understanding of an organization's muscle and its Achilles heel. By anticipating gaps in system integration, OpExNow can deliver significant cost savings during deployment.

  • Request for Proposal Design & Selection
  • Loan Origination System
  • Servicing System Conversion
  • Desktop Applications
  • Business Requirements and Configuration
  • Data Mapping Field Definition and Testing
  • User Acceptance Test Plans
  • Content Development
    • Workflow
    • Policies & Procedures
    • Job Aides
    • Training
  • End User Proficiency Support